Our classes are open to anyone who wants to experience and learn Sahaja Meditation. There are absolutely no obligations and no need for fancy mats or costly clothes, either. In fact, you don’t need to bring anything at all. Learning how to meditate just doesn’t get any easier. Or any more free. Classes are led by experts, many with thousands of hours of experience and deep knowledge and skill. In addition, there are often people training to become instructors who are happy to offer individual guidance. Classes are tailored to the needs of the attendees. A starter session will be given if there are newcomers. New techniques and insights are always available for regulars. Advanced techniques may also be explored. Classes begin with a brief announcement and introduction followed by 30-40 minutes of instruction and practice. Typically, classes are no more than an hour. Not long, considering the benefits can last a life time.

How will you feel? Better.

More relaxed. More comfortable with yourself. A profound sense of calm. With practice, you will learn how to tap into your Inner Energy, giving you greater self awareness, better balance and a strong sense of well being. Sahaja Meditation has many levels, varied and deep, that can help you understand more about yourself – from health to spirituality. We call this “awakening your inner self” and in doing so, you gain personal power, awareness and control. It’s about helping you become focused, energized and better balanced. In short, it will help you, understand you.
Don’t hesitate to drop us a line if you have any questions.

Course structure

Week 1: Inner Energy travels throughout your body by way of three energy channels. All three work perfectly together to integrate and balance your Inner Energy. Each also plays a specific role in maintaining your emotions, moods and physical health. Learn how to find balance and experience it for yourself at our weekly guided meditation session.

Week 2: Tapping into your first energy center will give you the ability and authority to raise your own Inner Energy as well as that of others who also wish to experience the benefits of Inner Energy awakening. With an enhanced first energy center, you will not fall prey to those who would cheat you or “take you for a ride.” You will gain the power of innocence and wisdom. As usual, we will provide information on balancing techniques, guided meditation and workshop. Come join us for a lovely meditation tonight and experience the benefits for yourself!

Week 3: Come learn about second energy center and its qualities. When you open yourself to it, you will discover that the beauty and power of creation is reflected within you. You already contain a limitless amount of creativity and knowledge. Practicing Sahaja Meditation will teach you to tap into it. Join us in to learn much more and get inspired! Our sessions are free of charge.

Week 4: Let us put our attention on the third energy center and its qualities. It is through your third energy center that you may establish an ideal balance between all areas of your life (including family, work and spiritual). At the same time, energizing this center enables you to get satisfaction and pure attention. You will become joyful, peaceful and dignified personality. Also this center imparts the qualities of caring, nurturing, generosity and the capacity to evolve. Join us tonight to learn how to get your third energy center balanced effortlessly – and much more!

Week 5: Come discover the Void in your Subtle System and meditate to purify it within your body! The Void is the region located within your abdominal cavity. It is called “Ocean of Illusions”. When it is balanced, people begin to see you as a person they can count on for sensible advice. Your character and temperament are no longer easily influenced by the latest opinions or expectations. You will find yourself rock-solid and steady, even if false information is floating around. We all have moments of weakness. However, once your Inner Energy is awakened, you are able to triumph over them. Join us to learn more and experience it for yourself.

Week 6: We will explore qualities of the fourth energy center, which is also called Heart energy center. The fundamental quality of the Heart energy center is unconditional love. It is through energizing this center that you are able to become confident, self-assured, morally responsible and emotionally well balanced. When you open yourself to the qualities of the fourth energy center, you will experience the pure joy of existence. You also discover your purpose and place in the world. Hence Sahaja Meditation exercise fills your heart with the energy of Enlightenment, you will find yourself more aware of the needs of others. You will be able to love purely and without selfishness. Join us to experience that and much more.

Week 7: The fifth energy center governs your neck, throat, arms, face, ears, mouth and teeth. It also controls your communication skills. It is through the fifth center that you receive the ability to be diplomatic, polite and pleasant. Also it gives you the ability to accept shortcomings and challenges without feelings of guilt. Once this center is balanced, our relationships become positive, and one enjoys effective communication and sense of community. Learn how to develop positive and healthy relationships with yourself and others!

Week 8: We will work on the sixth energy center. If you are getting headaches from over*-* thinking and too much planning, bringing this center into the balance by meditation might help to resolve that. The primary quality of this center is forgiveness. It is through sixth center that you learn to forgive yourself and others for human shortcomings. When energized, this center allows you to achieve the thoughtless awareness, or mental silence, that is so essential to rejuvenating meditation. Sahaja Meditation has simple techniques to purify your mind and intentions. Learn more about the sixth energy center and get peace of mind with guided meditation!

Week 9: We will observe the qualities of seventh energy center. As the Inner Energy awakens and pierces through the seventh center at the top of your head, it unites your individual consciousness to the universal consciousness. A soothing mental silence and cool vibrations often follow this experience. As a result, you will obtain a new dimension of awareness that will allow you to better perceive truth. You will have everything you need to distinguish good from bad, right from wrong and truth from falsehood. Join us to experience it for yourself.