Sahaja Meditation is designed to help you achieve a state of thoughtless awareness quickly, through the awakening of a powerful energy inside you. The ability to awaken and experience this energy quickly and easily differentiates Sahaja Meditation from all other forms of meditation. Over time and with practice, you are able to direct and channel your energies and gain better self-control, focus and wellness. Sahaja Meditation is a practice with flexible lessons, a diverse group of practitioners, and a set of beliefs that run across a broad spectrum of spirituality. Sahaja Meditation does not conflict with, or substitute for any religion. Sahaja Meditation is open and inclusive and has drawn millions of practitioners around the world that come from many different religions and cultural beliefs. Sahaja Meditation allows you to discover the depths of spirituality, i.e. your inner spirit.

Thoughtless awareness

Thoughtless_awarenessThoughtless Awareness is one of the most amazing states of mind one can achieve. Most probably you are familiar with this phenomenon more than you think. Every time you find something stunning, especially in nature or art – an awesome sunset, a breathtaking image, etc. – you become thoughtless! However, when achieved more often (ideally on a daily basis), thoughtless awareness can give you a significant advantage in any area of your life. How does it work? Your mind becomes very relaxed yet completely focused on any task you need to perform in your daily life. This state is a greater state of awareness, which lies in between the past and the future. We usually find it difficult to be totally in the present because our mind is either thinking about the future or the past. Being in the state of thoughtless awareness is being in the present. You are free to think about whatever you want, but you don’t have to entertain any unwanted thoughts in your mind at all. Thus you can have true control over your mind. Sounds great, but how do we reach it? From a regular point of view (what is a regular point of view?) it is actually almost impossible to reach that state: how do we have NO THOUGHTS? And still be aware? Be alert? Be efficient? Simple, in your meditation this state happens naturally as your energy rises. Your attention automatically relaxes, and you are 100% in the present.

Subtle System

Charlie_good_one_beginners_balanced_numbersAlongside our physical body we have a greater “subtle body” which is energy-based. The subtle body consists of various energy centers that are “programmed” with certain psychological qualities. We are programmed to be the perfect human being. However, life is not perfect, as you know. These energy centers get blocked by negative thoughts, emotions, our reactions, our fears, insecurities… It’s hard to control but you can do something about it. By using simple meditation techniques, you can bring the whole subtle body into its original balance and ideal state. You can reduce a lot of your weaknesses as well as get rid of annoying problems of your daily life. Through daily meditation, you will become stronger and the true power of your personality will shine through! You have the chance to experience your subtle body through meditation. But not only that, through connection with this subtle body you can work towards perfecting yourself.

Qualities of the centers

Qualities_of_the_centersThe seven main energy centers are located along the spinal cord and resemble galaxies, each spinning on its axis. An understanding of what each center attracts, and what can disturb it, is important for our well-being. Our thoughts and actions influence the sensitivity and performance of these centers.

Main qualities of the seven centers:
  1. Innocence of a child: children are naturally wise and spontaneous. This center works like a magnet, and makes a person a desirable friend as well as a charismatic personality
  2. Creativity: talent in the arts and out-of-the-box thinking
  3. Satisfaction and peace: makes you a balanced person, always content and joyful
  4. Love, Responsibility and Self-Confidence
  5. Communication skills, fun with friends, networking
  6. Intelligence, brilliance, forgiveness
  7. Integration of all of the energy center qualities
Collective meditation

collective_meditationThe greatest thing about meditation is that it can be done at any time and that it requires no special arrangements. You can meditate in public transport, in nature, in your home, just about anywhere. However, all those who meditate regularly will tell you that meditation is the best and most powerful when it’s done together with others. Meditating collectively can mean doing this with your friends, family, or even just with one other person. The simple reason is that the energy of many is stronger than that of just one.

Another reason collective meditation works better is that every person is not only unique in character, but is also unique in their set of strong and weak energy centers. When you meditate together, our different energy centers connect with each other. So everyone benefits. Interestingly, one can even get rid of a persistent problem (physical or mental) by meditating with others. Apart from the meditation itself, there are various (simple!) clearing techniques that can be done together, which allow us to improve our state and get even more out of the meditation practice. Sharing our vibrational energies with each other can have quite powerful effects. Try it out through group meditation and see the difference for yourself!