Sahaja Meditation Programs at several Native American Reservations - SAHAJA MEDITATION COLORADO

To strengthen our roots and establish higher awareness, as well truth, balance, wisdom, love and compassion


Indigenous and spiritual people all over the world know that:

We are one with the Mother Earth and with all of creation

We can become whole only if our attention is focused in reality, which is the here-and-now, the present moment

To grow and improve oneself we must be silent and listen to the small voice within, the Spirit

We should always be respectful, considerate, generous, helpful and sensitive to everyone around us

By journeying into the center of one’s being it is possible for a person to experience a connection with Spirit, each other and the rest of the universe, but especially between one’s soul and the Creator. It is of the heart, not mind

Introspection is to see ourselves as we truly are, and that to benefit by introspection requires a great daily effort. Our elders teach us that each morning upon waking and each night before sleeping we must meet our Creator alone in a place we have set aside for prayer, meditation and deep personal reflection

We must practice moderation and balance in all things

We must be detached and impartial but see clearly to be able to understand the small but powerful voice of Truth in our heart

Sahaja Meditation Programs at several Native American Reservations