Free meditation and music events will be held in Lone Tree, Boulder and Aurora, CO. Love America Tour is comprised of over 160 international volunteer meditation instructors, musicians and artists from around the world, traveling throughout the USA to offer free meditation classes with live music nationwide.

From traditional classics to peaceful meditative ‘Ragas,’ enjoy the fusion of sounds from across the globe. Experience a cornucopia of culture, melody and dance along with free guided meditation sessions.

Enjoy lively performances and learn more about Sahaja Yoga meditation, a simple technique that uses the power of love and compassion to achieve mental silence and inner peace.

This event will be followed by a FREE Meditation Course at a close-by location for which you can RSVP separately at:

We also show how meditation can be used at work, in creative pursuits, in schools to help children manage anger and depression, and for general physical health.
Our classes are always FREE. More details at

Please RSVP here for Lone Tree Hub event
Please RSVP here for Boulder Canyon Theater and Gallery event
Please RSVP here for Aurora event on Sat, Aug 25
Please RSVP here for Aurora event on Sun, Aug 26

LOVE AMERICA Tour in Colorado – Aug, 2018!