Meditation: what students say - SAHAJA MEDITATION COLORADO

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Students say

“There were two situations that made me feel unappreciated: home and school. At home, my parents acted like I wasn’t even important to them. I felt invisible, unless I was doing something wrong, then they noticed me and got mad at me for making mistakes. I did a lot of chores and kept my grades up, but they never acknowledged it when I was being responsible. I don’t know, our family seems disconnected.

Then at school, I felt like the teachers were just as overwhelmed as everyone else, and they don’t really see us as unique individuals, with feelings. Kids only seemed to get attention when they were causing trouble. Also, school seems like one big popularity contest, and if you’re not “in” no one notices you.

When I started meditating, I began to really appreciate myself as I am and I started getting detached about what everyone else was thinking about me. I also began to see how my parents and teachers are just overworked and can’t always express appreciation. I don’t really care about the popular kids at school, they seem insecure as everyone else and need attention too. I focus more on my friends who like me for who I am, not because I’m popular or cool.”

Meditation: what students say